Modular platform for industrial image processing and artificial intelligence.



Modular platform for industrial image processing and artificial intelligence.

Methods & Solutions

The realization of an image processing project includes the planning of the details of the requirements and the subsequent creation of a solution.
The selection of the right

Vision components

, the


suitable algorithms and the


into existing systems plays a decisive role for the success of your project.

Code recognition

The identification of objects based on markings on the objects plays an important role in applications such as material flow control and logistics. Typical markings are standardized barcodes or DataMatrix codes, but also customer-specific codes.

Completeness check

The assignment of a workpiece as correctly or incorrectly assembled, such as checking whether all components are present and in the correct position, is the prerequisite for passing the workpiece on to the next assembly step or as a final check before releasing the workpiece for packaging and delivery.

Object detection

The identification of objects based on characteristic features such as shape/geometry, dimensions, color, structure/topology or texture can be used in many applications, but it is also useful for many other tasks such as position recognition and completeness checking.

Form and dimensional inspection

The determination of geometric quantities with the focus on precise and accurate measurements has applications everywhere where workpieces or tools have to be checked for compliance with nominal dimensions. Due to the required accuracy, these tasks typically place high demands on the sensor technology as well as on the mechanical design of the test station.

Position recognition

Determining the position and orientation of an object in a predefined coordinate system is used in typical applications such as robot guidance and pick-and-place operations.

Surface inspection

The detection of surface defects such as dents, scratches, soiling or deviations from desired surface properties such as color or texture plays a role where surface quality is to be assessed. Inspection requires large amounts of data and computationally intensive algorithms, and it is often difficult to specify formally. It can be solved with the help of error catalogs and artificial intelligent methods.

evopro Machine Vision System

Eine modulare Plattform für industrielle Bildverarbeitung künstliche Intelligenz.

Unsere Plattform nutzt die neuesten Technologien, Software- und Hardwareprodukte.

Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden mit modernen Methoden und unserem Expertenwissen bei unterschiedlichen Anwendungen – von der Qualitätsprüfung und Identifikation von Bauteilen bis hin zur Roboterführung.


Wir integrieren unter Anderem:

Auflicht-, Hintergrund-und Strobe-Controller-Beleuchtungen.


Unser Software-Angebot umfasst mehrere individuell konfigurierbare Tools.

evoMAVIS core

  • Bildaufnahme
  • Integration/Kommunikation mit externen Systemen
  • Datenbank für Ergebnisse und Bilder

evoMAVIS framework

  • Tools für Bildverarbeitungsaufgaben:
    • Codeerkennung
    • Lageerkennung
    • Objekterkennung
    • Form-Maßprüfung
    • Vollständigkeitsprüfung
    • Oberflächeninspektion
  • KI-Werkzeuge

evoMAVIS inline

  • Inline-Qualitätsprüfung:
    • Klassifizierungs- und Messaufgaben
  • Live-Visualisierung und Analyse

evoMAVIS offline

  • Messfähigkeitsanalyse
  • Tools zur automatisierten Berichterzeugung


Wir übernehmen gern die mechanische Integration,
z.B. Montage-Aufgaben und spezialgefertigte Halterungen.

Wir können Schaltschränke liefern und Netzteile und USVs bereitstellen.
Digitale Anbindungen mittels Profi net oder digitale Inputs und Outputs sind Teil unseres Baukastens.


Hochwertig, robust & individuell:

Wir verbauen robuste Industrie-PCs mit hochwertigen Hardware-Komponenten, die auf Ihre Prüfaufgabe zugeschnitten sind.


Wir entwickeln Systeme mit Flächenkameras von VGA bis höchstauflösend und Zeilenkameras mit einer Auflösung bis zu 16k. Unsere Systeme unterstützen 1-,5- und 10-Gigabit-Schnitt-stellen sowie Camera-Link und CoaXPress. 
Von Objektiven mit Festbrennweite über telezentrische Objektive bis Flüssigoptiken setzen wir anwendungsspezifisch die besten Optionen ein. Auch 3D-Systeme für Triangulation, 3D-Stereo, Photometric Stereo und Punktwolken-Verarbeitung gehören zu unserem Portfolio.

Image sources

We develop systems with area scan cameras from VGA to highest resolution and line scan cameras with resolution up to 16k. Our systems support 1,5 and 10 Gigabit interfaces as well as Camera-Link and CoaXPress.
From fixed focal length lenses to telecentric lenses to liquid optics, we use the best options based on the application. 3D systems for triangulation, 3D stereo, photometric stereo and point cloud processing are also part of our portfolio.


High quality, robust & individual:

We install robust industrial PCs with high-quality hardware components tailored to your testing task.


We are happy to take care of the mechanical integration,
e.g. assembly tasks and specially manufactured brackets.

We can supply control cabinets and provide power supplies and UPSs.
Digital connections via Profi net or digital inputs and outputs are part of our modular system.


Our software offer includes several individually configurable tools.

evoMAVIS core

  • Image acquisition
  • Integration/communication with external systems
  • Database for results and images

evoMAVIS framework

  • Tools for image processing tasks:
    • Code recognition
    • Position recognition
    • Object detection
    • Mold dimensional inspection
    • Completeness check
    • Surface inspection
  • AI Tools

evoMAVIS inline

  • Inline quality testing:
    • Classification and measurement tasks
  • Live visualization and analysis

evoMAVIS offline

  • Measurement capability analysis
  • Tools for automated report generation


We integrate among others:

Incident, background and strobe controller lighting.

evopro Machine Vision System

A modular platform for industrial image processing artificial intelligence.

Our platform uses the latest technologies, software and hardware products.

We support our customers with modern methods and our expert knowledge in various applications – from quality inspection and identification of components to robot guidance.